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Every Wedding Speech Ever | CH Shorts

Upload : 10 Jul 2018
Channel  : CollegeHumor
Duration : 3.45
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I've never been funny before, but I'm gonna go ahead and try it right now, on the most important day of your life!

CH Shorts: Original sketches, music videos, and pop culture parodies spanning the last CollegeHumor decade.

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Katie Marovitch
Ally Beardsley
Brennan Lee Mulligan
Mother - Katy Dore
Father - Steve Brown
Guest - Jessie Hixenbaugh
Wedding Guest 1 - Adam Henry
Wedding Guest 2 - James Tolbert
Wedding Guest 3 - Erika Wilhelm

Director - Michael Schaubach
Writer - Katie Marovitch
Producer - Jessie Hixenbaugh
Production Coordinator - Olivia Aguilar
Editor - Yaniv Elani


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