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Kellytoy Sonic The Werehog Unreleased Plush Prototype - History & Showcase

Upload : 18 Agu 2018
Channel  : PatMac
Duration : 21.24
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The Kellytoy Sonic plush line is one of the most basic Sonic plush sets out there. With a standard set of standard plushes, you wouldn't think it'd be that interesting right? Well, turns out the Kellytoy lore runs deep, as many of their plushes have gone unreleased. We've known about their cancelled Cheese The Chao plush for awhile, but the Kellytoy plush rabbit hole goes much further than we once thought. In this video, I showcase a never before scene prototype of the Kellytoy Sonic The Werehog plush, as well as a sample Amy Rose plush with an interesting tag. Along with that, I talk about their cancelled Nintendo plushes, including a never before seen Yoshi plush.

This video was uploaded inconjunction with LSuperSonicQ, as he recently got prototype Kellytoy Donkey Kong plushes, check out his video on them here: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

1. Kellytoy's website: http://www.kellytoy.com/pro...
2. Kellytoy's catalog with Sonic in it from 2010: https://web.archive.org/web...

1. Chun-Nan - Dragon Road Day - Sonic Unleashed
2. Shamar - Arid Sands Night - Sonic Unleashed
3. Spagonia - Rooftop Run Night - Sonic Unleashed
4. Holoska - Cool Edge Night - Sonic Unleashed
5. Gaia Gate - Sonic Unleashed

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